Monday, August 31, 2009

Team Overview

Hey all!

This post is coming to you from Aaron Briggs, drummer for 1421! First off let me say that these first two and a half weeks have been so much fun just getting to know each other and our trainers and leaders and also just learning more from God and what his plan is for us. So now then, Lesley for team 1422 kinda did a rundown of their team and a little quip about them so i thought i should give you the pleasure of learning about members from 1421.

First off, our team leader, Carrie Vanderhorst!, Vocals
- Carrie is a crazy baker and makes yummy and delicious creations that don't have a snowball's chance in Africa when they enter the CTI kitchen. She has a killer voice and even killer-er egg shaker skills. She is what keeps us on task during rehearsals and we appreciate her leadership a ton! Carrie is also our spiritual leader and is always the one to lead us in our Bible Study and Prayer, and that is one of the most important things that she can do as our leader and for that we thank her!

Next, Kylie Yueh from Taiwan!, Vocals
- Kylie is also a vocalist, and even though she has a slight speaking accent when she sings it all comes out in a beautiful harmony that makes Simon Cowell go nuts. She is a ton of fun to be around, and despite what she says is amazing at Volleyball :) "Why Would You Do THAT?!?!?!?!?" Anyway, we love having Kylie on our team to lead us vocally! Kylie blesses us as a team by being the helpful one to take out cases, wrap cords, and do anything that we need her to do. She is a blessing to all of us on the team!!

Next up, Steve-O Buhler!, Bass
-Like Ferris, but cooler. My rhythm buddy shreds some mad licks on the rep songs we have this year without breaking a sweat! He is a fun-loving Manitoban who enjoys picnics and long walks on the tundra. Just kidding ya Steve-O :) Steve hails from Brandon, Manitoba along with 1422's drummer, Denny. there are quite a few Canadians on the teams this year which is awesome! Steve is always there to liven up the mood whenever we get down on ourselves or if we have a bad practice. He is the first to say, yeah guys we really messed up that song, but is also the first to hand out compliments when we nail a song so Steve is our encouragement buddy!

Next, Rich Scott, Rhythm Guitar
-Rich's coolest feature has to be his middle name. He has the coolest middle name ever, WEBSTER! :) Being one of the oldest on our team, Rich is always there with the wisdom we need, but is also there having fun just like the rest of us. he is always there for an encouraging word, or the lyrics/dance moves to any 70's/80's or 90's tune :) We are so glad Rich is on our team and that he sacrificed leaving his family and girlfriend for a year! We love ya Rich!

Next, Jim Dernell, Lead Vocals, Lead Guitar
-Aside from carrying a ginormous voice with an even ginormous-er range, Jim carries some powere on teh 6-string as well. not only does Jim have to learn lead for 25 songs, including one by Lincoln Brewster, he also has to sing lead on qutie a few of them. As if doing one or the other isn't hard enough, Jim has to do both, and he excels at them both too! We love Jim for his work ethic getting down the songs and the lead vocals parts and for the fact that he never complains about them! Plus, Jim can sing just about any song by journey, higher than Steve Perry can.

Next, Nicola Losik, Keyboard, Vocals
- Nicola Losik is a piano master. Also, aside from tickling the ivories, she also sings, and very well at that. We commonly refer to her as , the Glue, meaning her diverse keyboard play is really what brings the songs together. Without the keyboard in there, it really doesnt sound the same, so we are glad nicola is with us! Nicola posesses the sweet and gentle spirit that works well on our team because of how we are as individuals. Nicola is always there to give an encouraging word or a smile and will be indispensable on the road when we get tired and grumpy. Thanks Nicola!

Next, Ken Simerly, Sound, Vocals
-Michael Jackson + Steve Perry = Ken Simerly. Ken posesses the great dance moves of Michael Jackson with the amazing voice and vocal range of Steve Perry. Plus, he makes us all sound good form the soundboard. Ken is an integral part of our team not only for his knowledge of sound and electronics but the fact that he is a returning fulltimer means that he can also lead us on the road when we meet certain situations he can show us what worked well for his team last year, and in turn, what we may do this year on our team. We love KEN!

Finally, Aaron Briggs, Drums, Percussion
-Aaron hails form Spokane, Washington and is a multi-faceted musician. In addition to drums, he also plays guitar and bass, and actually tried out for CTI on those instruments but got the position on the drums. He is thankful to God for every moment he spends at CTI with friends, leaders, trainers and the like. He also hates speaking about himself in third person.

Well, its kinda long, but this is us! Team 1421!!!!!!!!!!

For now, GOD BLESS!!!!!
- Aaron

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"You must complete your training..."

It’s been a week and a half here with CTI, and already I am exhausted. I haven’t put so much effort and been so deeply involved in something for… well, since last year’s CTI experience, but other than that, for a long time. I am really looking forward to diving in this year, and giving fully of myself not only in commitment to the program, but as completely as I can to God and what He has for me. Already He has been pruning and challenging me, getting to it right from the get go there, eh?! But I have been assured over and over again by those who have gone before that it IS worth it. So often I find I really don’t believe that when wagering obedience and devotion to our God. Hmm… Other than that, I think I am pretty set as far as musical challenges go for the year, Lincoln Brewster will have me practicing for the next five years to get that stinking solo. We have a heck of a team, and I am very excited to go out and to grow with them. We’ve got smarts (Carrie), wit (Kylie), sunshine (Nicola), insanity (Steve), wisdom (Rich), ease (Aaron),’I don’t know what you call that’ (Ken), maybe this can become the team name via acronym or something. SWSIWE – Idkwyct…(“I” for short)… oh what will we come up with? However, since this is indeed the first official blog of the year, all this chatter is simply the precursor to the message - training for CTI has begun and will continue, but this is only within the greater context of God's training for our hearts and lives throughout this year - indeed we must complete it!... and press on toward the goal as the year progresses, holding fast to the hope we have in Christ's saving work. Let's see how it unfolds...Day 1...

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Meet the new crew!

Introducing CTI 14:21 '09-'10: