Wednesday, October 18, 2006


Okay so it has been a bit since I wrote a blog. I am going to go back to last week. Last week we were in Bristol Virginia or Tennesee depending on what side of the city you are on. We had several shows over the weekend. And then we had a couple of days to kind of relax. Rick Call ( our contact) said he was going to set up some special things for us to do. So Last Monday (9 days ago) we went on a 17 mile bike ride (it was all down hill). It was gorgeous. I have never done anything like that before. We were taken to the top of a hilll by this shuttle and then we rode all the way down. So that was awesome

Then Tuesday Rick again had something special for us. that morning he called us to the computer. He wanted to show us pictures of what we would be doing. It was pictures of Bristol Motor Speedway. A lot of you know that I am a huge NASCAR fan. So I seriously liked frieked out when I found out we would be going to the track and would be able to go onto the track!! So after breakfast we drove to the track. I was so excited in the van. We go to the track and started our tour. We drove the van onto the dragstrip which was awesome and then we went to the stock car track. The same track that Jeff Gordon and Jimmie Johnson had driven on. :) So we went up to this suite that overlooked the track. I got so many pictures. Then we went into the grandstands and I got even more pictures. Then we drove the van onto the actual Bristol Motor Speedway track!!! WE stopped at turn one and I sat on turn one for a while just taking it all in. Then I ran over to the finish line and got more pictures of me standing on the finish line and to top it all off we then raced the van around the track. Wow what an amazing feeling :) Oh and then we got to sing at the Speedway. That was awesome...So thanks to Rick because that was seriously just so much fun.

Anyways yeah so I hope everyone is doing well. Hi team 14:22!!! Hope you guys are awesome, miss you all!!

~ Julie


Kristal said...

Ben is so jealous that you were at Bristol Motor Speedway. That is his favorite track!! Julie I didn't know you were a NASCAR fan!! Sweeto! Keep pluggin' away guys! Sounds like you are having a good time serving the Lord!

Tiffany said...

Ooh!! I'm so stoked for you. That sounds like the PERFECT way to spend some down time for you. I bet your team could hardly keep you contained. Where's the pics, though? Should put some up here. We're praying for y'all.

Ruth said...

Seriously, I've got the best movie of Julie as we're arriving onto the Bristol track. I've never seen anyone so excited about anything in my life ;) I will admit it was pretty cool though. Especially when we got to drive around the track :)

tyler said...

That sounds like a blast. You'll have to put some pictures up.

Becksie said...

sounds a bit like Ash & the Broncos right? :-P