Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Phone call from Paul

I spoke with Paul this morning. The team is spending their last day in Cochabamba today and will head back to La Paz overnight tonight. Paul shared a few prayer requests and praises with me:

A piece of their sound gear that is supposed to regulate the power for the rest of the system has been damaged by an electrical surge. This means that the rest of their equipment will not be protected from such surges for the rest of the tour.

The girls have their voices back!! They had lost them for a bit, which was putting extra strain on Willie and Nathan.

Matteo Villareal, the 4-year old son of Bolivia YFC's national director Pedro, suffered a bit of an accident last night when his finger was slammed in a door. He actually lost the tip of his finger and is having surgery. Please pray for him, and for Pedro as Mrs. Villareal is out of the country right now.

Thanks for tuning in!

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