Thursday, January 18, 2007

Thinking of Bolivia...

I just finished reading some disturbing headlines from Bolivia. There are riots going on there and they are not looking good. Some people have already died and it doesn't look like the situation is getting much better. What's crazy for me is that I saw places in the pictures that I stood not more than a month ago. I can't believe that things have gotten so bad. Please pray for the YFC in Bolivia and also for the people of Bolivia.

In other news, we are leaving for Winter Tour in 2 days! Crazy huh?

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Jeff Goins said...

Have a great Winter tour, guys! Blessings on your time out on the road. I pray that you would be filled with the fullness of the Spirit--that the Lord would let you die to yourself so that you may be useful in his eyes to extend the kingdom. Blessings.