Sunday, March 02, 2008

listening to the radio

There was a young boy walking out of the woods with a cage that contained several wild birds. As he was walking back home, he happened to pass an older gentleman that was interested in what the boy was planning to do with the birds. The man ventured to ask the boy what his intentions were. The boy said that he was going to play with them. The man asked how he intended to play with the birds. The child continued on and explained that he would start by shaking the cage. Mostly because he thought it was funny to see the birds so very frighted. Then he would poke the birds with a stick and cause even more fear and panic in the them. He also told the man that some of them would probably die of anxiety. After the man heard this he asked the boy, then what? What are you going to do after you are done playing with them? The boy said I'll probably just feed them to my cat. He likes to eat wild birds. Then the man asked the boy if he would be interested in selling the birds to him. He replied pointing out that they weren't worth anything. Then the child asked why he would want to waist money on them, and laughed saying they would just fly away from him as soon as he let them out of the cage. The man agreed saying that he knew all of this to be true, but he is fond of the birds and he didn't want to see them suffer and go to through the fate he had planned for them. So the boy asked if five dollars was fair. the man pulled out his wallet. Then the boy responded saying that maybe ten dollars was a better price. The man pulled ten dollars from his wallet. then the boy, realizing that the man really did want the birds, said no twenty dollars, and not a penny less. The man gave the boy twenty dollars and was on his way with his new birds. When he got to the park, he released them because he hated to see them so scared and lifeless in the cage. But as soon as he opened the cage, they were all gone from his sight.

This is a great example of what Christ did for us. We were in Satan's cage when Christ asked what his plans were for us, he said that his plans included playing games with us. Making us think that wrong is right, and then playing with our emotions. Making us think that we are loved, and then taking it all away from us. After doing all of that, damning us to an eternity in hell with him.

Then Jesus reminded Himself that the Father was very fond of us. Jesus told Satan to let Him purchase us from him. Satan pointed out that as soon as we were released from his cage we would run from Him and His Father. Also that we wouldn't want anything to do with Him. Jesus said that he knew all of this, but that he loved us very much. Then Satan agreed to sell us to Him saying that the price on us was Jesus' blood. Jesus said ok. Satan paused and though for a moment. Then he decided that His tears would be a better price. fine, Jesus replied. Then Satan said the life of Christ was the least that he would take for our souls. Jesus paused and remembered how fond his father was of the humans. He bowed his head slowly and asked His heavenly Father to let his will be done. Looking back up he agreed with a soft broken tone to his voice.

Wow... if this analogy doesn't touch you then something is definitely wrong with you. please pass this along to everyone that you know. thanks.

Timothy Boettcher

this is a story that we herd on the radio during an obscenely long drive.

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