Sunday, April 13, 2008

Highlights from the past tour!!!


Wow, we are Texas ! And the weather is amazing, we are really loving it here. Perfect weather and even more wonderful people!

Let me back up and give you a little rundown/ little insight to our past two weeks of tour....

We started in Iowa and to my delight we spent lots of time in the Dutch town of Pella! Ahh, so awesome....I, unlike all my none-Dutch band members...I was delighted to connect with my roots. We stayed there only a day, but it was still a great time. We played a chapel in the morning at the school and got to hang out for the rest of the day at the school. After that, we headed into Kansas!!

We arrived in Kansas and spent the next two days at Sterling College. We played for the college chapel in the morning and spent the rest of the day doing a lot of recruiting! Really great school, awesome people. The town reminded us all of Mayberry...cute, safe, and unfortunately not a lot to do except star twirling which Jessie and I had the pleasure of experiencing. That night after the chapel service we played for the local Pioneer club for a bunch of rowdy and adorable little grade school and middle school kids. There are some pictures from it below...

We stayed in St. Louis last weekend with our friends from the St. Louis Chinese Gospel Church. We got to stay with the families of two former alumni's of CTI ; Kim Tsui and Eric Hong. We FINALLY got to get outside and experience some warm weather. On Sunday afternoon we went out to a local field and played frisbee and football all afternoon! Eric took us the next day to get Bubble Tea and we all decided to spend the day in St. Louis...very good day.

From St. Louis we travelled to Arkansas. We all stayed with a family from Central Baptist Church and we played in the Central Baptist College for the afternoon and ran back to the church to play for the youth group at night...

...and the weather kept getting better... :)

Then to Texas ! For some of us, it was our first time out or down there. I love Texas. Austin was our first stop; what a great city! We just came back from spending a couple days in Austin, Texas. We stayed with the Austin Chinese Church who treated us like gold. They showed us all around Austin for the day, to the University of Texas, and then to some of the local eclectic shops. We played for a bunch of the youth and young adults from their congregation that night. After a long,exciting, and energetic concert...we were invited for some late night frozen yogurt with everyone.

The next day we were to leave for Sugarland...but our hosts wanted us to catch a little more sunshine before our drive in the van, so we all got together with some friends from the church and had a morning filled with volleyball and basketball. We got to meet one of the future fulltimers, Stanley Tso. Luckily we were able to warn him about full-time; so he's ready now for the fall.

Now that brings us to today. We are in Houston, Texas and we are spending the next couple days just relaxing here, until Wednesday when we heading to another area of Houston. We basically stay in Houston for the next week or so, then move onto another part of Texas.

Anyways....there's some pictures and little catch to refresh and satisfy your curiousity. Please keep us in your prayers. Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers! Much thanks!

~ Michelle

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