Saturday, August 23, 2008

Welcome the new crew!

Another fulltime year has started!

Meet CTI 14:21 08-09:
Laura Schuh
Aaron Stephens
Christian Harger
Colin Hornbaker
Ken Simerly
Micaela Tucker
and Stanley Tso
We'll get pictures up in a few weeks, and they'll be posting soon!


Rich Stephens said...

Go Aaron! Looks like you're having a great time already! We'll be prayin' for ya dude.

darlaanddennis said...

Who's the dude with the old smelly spartans cap?? :) We love you, Colin (aka TaCo)

CharlieandDebbie said...

So people are going to go on this site looking for Taco Hornbaker and not be able to find him. Only The Shadow knows his true identity. Oh, yeah, and his family. Love ya, man, and miss ya.