Friday, January 16, 2009

Houston Texas, home of Stanley Tso, and 1421 (for the next day and a half). This is our second week on winter tour, we left Willmar on the 3rd and spent a few day's in Bushnell IL at Taco's home church. Then we went to Chicago and spent several days with Laura's family. After Chicago we went to St Louis were we stayed three nights with Kim's family, Kim has done cti summer three summers in a row so it was fun to see her :) From St Louis we drove all day to Dallas were we spent one night, then we drove to Austin and played a concert and stayed the night. Today we left Austin and drove to Houston were we are staying with Stanley's family, we will play at his church tomorrow.
Needless to say we have traveled a long way, and we have had a lot of great times. God is using us in truly unique ways and that is a wonderful thing to be a part of. We would appreciate your prayers as we travel and thank you for your support... and for reading our blogs :)

Here are some pics from our trip so far, these are from all over so I'm not even going to try labeling them all. Yes we went to the Zoo :)


Tiffany said...

how fun! thanks for sharing
praying for y'all!

Ivy Chiu said...

Hahaha wow, that was a LOT of driving..
Wanted to let you guys know that God definitely moved through yall tonight, and I believe without a doubt that He's gonna be doing so much more in the coming months. Rest up, refuel, and make sure you don't let yourself burn out! Be grounded in the Word and stand strong =D You guys are truly blessed musicians as well as great men and women of God. Hope to hear more about your ADVENTURES! Your team will be in my prayers!

P.S. I'll say hi to Christine for you guys when I see her this summer =)

have a safe drive!

P.P.S. Taco, your jumping is AWESOME =)

Anonymous said...

I am totally jealous of the indoor go-karts.

Ben B

Jeremy said...

swiss apples?!!?

Tiffy Taylor said...

AHHH! You guys totally walked in front of my's on your left in the 2nd picture. (=
Thank you for your dedication to spreading God's word. You all are in my prayers!
Love you Kenneth!!!