Wednesday, February 04, 2009

My name is Taco

Hey its el the taco..havent been able to get my account to work, so im posting on micaela's. (smilie face)(smilie face). Its been an incredible past couple weeks. One sweet kickin thing we got to do was take some time off on a free day to just jam out and worship. We endud up putting together a redention of the song "freedom" by the band Full Frontal Sunshine! <-which i will be posting a sweet video of that i put together :D. We also had the opportunity to go to the Kennedy Space Station for free! A generous gift of a host family. So we spent the day there learning about the history of NASA and the craziness of actually getting INTO space. One of my favorite parts of the last weeks was the time we spent at aarons house out in the middle of Georgia. He happens to have acres and acres of woods surrounding his house, so i spent a good amount of time exploring and going on adventures in the woods climbing hills, going through creeks, and around lakes, and up trees. An amazing time getting to walk through the glorious untouched creation of God himself. Sometimes its just healthy to take some time and just stop and think, to just be in awe of Him.


Anonymous said...

Hello, Beloved Ones!
Taco thank you for your post. You are right it is vital for our health and communion to stop and rest. Praise God for the wonder of His creation! I praise God you are awed by the simple things of life, that is a gift; it is far more common for us to take for granted the simple gifts of life than to stand in awe of them. I think I will go home and take a walk in those woods myself. It was great to watch the video. I miss you guys! Take care!

Sharon said...

I loved the 'Freedom' song. Good to see you are all up to just playing for the love of it after all the hours singing for others. Miss you all. Mom Schuh