Wednesday, February 21, 2007


Hi friends! Well today is our wonderful Julie's 19th birthday!! Happy birthday dear girl! It's been lovely celebrating with her today...first at lunch with Jack in the Box, then giving her a present of Doritos, Jeff Gordan trading cards, and a journal, then trying to light candles on her birthday cake with the wind blowing persistently, singing happy birthday with Paulie slipping and falling off the step, Willie saying 'happy birthday Julie' every minute...ya, it's fun times!!

So we are in California and it's so nice to be in some warm weather. Yeah, I know I love the snow and it was very exciting for me to be in some...BUT being in warmer weather reminds me of back home in Australia :) Right now we are in Ontario (I think!), just outside of LA. We've spent the last couple of days in San Diego and had a really awesome time playing in Nathan's old church and meeting some of his friends. You guys at Glory were amazing...thanks for being such a great crowd! Enjoy those cd's now!

This past week we also played at a detention centre in Eloy, Arizona. For some reason, playing in a prison is a very humbling experience for me. These are people who have probably reached the lowest point in their lives, but their love for God and the joy that they seem to have really encouraged and ministered to me! They loved our music and it was truly a joy to play for them and be a blessing to them.

Well dear friends, we are now into our 5th week of tour.'s going so fast it seems! And next week our amazingly wonderful director Chris will be with us :) Yeah!! God has been faithful and I'm constantly amazed by his goodness to our team. Thank you all so much for your continued support and prayers! Bless you!

-Ruth (or you can call me Marie...seriously, the last 4 times I've introduced myself to people they've thought I said Marie coz of my, how 'Ruth' can sound like 'Marie' is something I don't think I'll ever be able to understand!)


Tiffany said...

Ooh, Marie! I mean... ;-P Prison ministry, among our favorite venues overall. Good times! And, Happy Birthday, Jules! I'm glad to read it was a good one. We're praying for you guys and hope all is well. Enjoy the sun for us!! We are missing it already...

chris said...

...because, phonetically, you pronounce it "wraith" and no one wants to believe that this is actually your name!

I can understand, because a man (whom I didn't know was from Australia) once introduced himself to me as "David"... and I proceeded, with no small degree of internal confusion, to address him as "Doyvid."

Man, I felt like an idiot.

Becksie said...

Julia! ;) Good to hear your news...
This American accent...! Well, i seriously can't see Marie in Ruth, but hey. Whichever way you want it ;)
Hope you're having a fantastic day right now - I'm thinking of you heaps n heaps - Bless you stax sweetie :)

Ashlee said...

Ruth!! Good to hear from you... I finally got around to checking out your teams blogs, and viola! One from you! We're all praying for you and your team here in good ol' Oz. I'm sure you are blessing and encouraging many... Keep being a faithful witness of Christ!

Much love,
Ashlee :)