Monday, February 26, 2007

Decibles? Heck no. This amp is measured in PSI, my friend.

Oh, what a week! Where to begin but where we left off: Julie's Birthday at "Nast In The Box". After our jaunt to Ontario (the city, not the province) we headed up to Bakersfield to play for another school. I heard the girls had a good time there, but we guys were taken out to a wonderful restaurant and were treated like little kings by our hosts. On Thursday we played the chapel for the high school kids and got to crank it real loud. They were very kind to us. To me especially because my voice sounded like I'd put it through a cheese grater and they didn't jeer in the least. Thanks guys!

We left toot sweet for Escondido and played an acoustic chapel the next day for our fourth school of the week. Luke and I had a blast at our host home on Friday night. They put us in a "pool house" which was a miniature house in their back yard by their pool. We set up the recording equipment and got three more tracks done for the up-and-coming album. How exciting!

Saturday we found ourselves in Poway (northern San Diego) at Chinese Bible Church, doing a music workshop for their high school musicians. And who did we meet there but the easily flattered, oh so generous, black custom Fender Tele owner/borrower, CTI alum Jared Moody. Go figure. After an afternoon of boba eating/drinking/spitting and some amazing Pho (that's "ph" like "f" and "o" like "uh") thanks to Dave Yu, we parted ways for the next while.

CBC was a good time on Sunday morning and Ruth had a surprise visit from a friend's dad from Australia. I think that was the case anyway. Anyhow, we downed more boba (oh MN, how you lack such delicious things...) and enjoyed the service at Flood. If you don't know about Flood, it's the home church to Future of Forestry (formerly Something Like Silas) and my main church while I was living in San Diego. If you get a chance, check it out. Seriously.

Ooooh, and I almost forgot. Some of you may have seen those energy drinks in the gas stations. Goodness knows we see 'em every two hours on our trips across the States. Anyhow, some of them are nothing more than guarana-flavored soda with big bold letters on it. Some of them just taste bad and have a little more caffeine in them. One of them, Red Line, has a warning on it stating that you shouldn't consume it if you're under 18, have a history of heart problems, are pregnant, or one of a hundred other things. It promises the energy of a class of 2nd graders in six little ounces of thick liquid. Most of us would think to ourselves, "hmm..." and move on. No no no, one of our guys (who will remain nameless for shame's sake) paid the $4 for this little magic bottle and reaped the benefits...err...consequences. Apparently it actually DOES work. His heartrate BPM was around 1,000 during the church service and his nose itched for about eight hours. He got an hour and a half of sleep last night (blamed mostly on the earsplittingly loud snoring of yet another nameless band member) and was unsurprisingly surly this morning during the first two hours of our arduous eight hour drive from San Diego to Fresno. The moral of this story is: if you're unsure about the effects of a particular substance, make someone else try it first.

Have a good week everyone.

..nathan walker..


Anonymous said...

haha! good story.

Tiffany said...

that's AWESOME! So, I must say, us girls on 22 are debating who the certain unnamed individual is... intruige... ;-) Sounds like you guys are having fun. We're praying for you!

Sharon said...

Laughed so hard the tears rolled, then kept chortling throughout the day each time I thought of your surly, wired friend. You're in our prayers as you travel and minister.

Jared said...

yeah I made the blog! That's '72 tele custom to you buddy.