Friday, March 16, 2007


This past week has been really amazing. Last week we were in Grass Valley at a camp. We were there for a couple of days and it was so much fun. We played one concert there and then were able to just hang out. Then last Friday I was at my home with my family for 4 days with the team. We arrived on Friday and just hung out with my family. And were able to just relax, which was nice. Saturday we played a youth concert at my church, that my entire family came to. Sunday morning we played an hour of worship for my church. It was so great being able to see people that I actually knew. :) Sunday afternoon we drove to Citrus Heights (about 45 minutes from my house) and played our second concert of the day. Monday was a day off and we spent it in lovely San Francisco. I'm sure you read a bit about our day off from Ruth's blog. It was a lot of fun to ride the ferry into the city and just walk around. And it was perfect weather.

Overall my time at home was really nice. I enjoyed seeing my family and a few friends. And it was fun showing my team around my area a bit. :) Well Tuesday morning we left for Bakersfield and stayed the night. Wednesday was another long driving day through the desert and after a long time in the van we arrived in Las Vegas, where we had an amazing youth concert. The youth group we played for were phenominal. They were so passionate about God and just showed it without shame. It was such a humbling concert. Thursday was a day off and we were able to sight see a bit in Las Vegas. We saw the water and lights show in front of the Bellagio, so that was cool. Today we drove a ways and arrived in Utah. So we will be staying the night here and then driving to Colorado tomorrow.

Winter tour has been difficult and yet so amazing. I have learned so much more about God and who I am in Him. I am just so thankful that God is so faithful and loving.

Well I hope everyone is doing well!!! Hi team 14:22!! Miss you guys! :)

God Bless!

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Rick C. said...

Me again,
I wanted to remind you that this coming weekend is the Spring Race at Bristol Motor Speedway. I will be at the track for Saturdays Race . And serving Hot Dogs , Hamburgers and Bar B Que Sandwiches at the track on Sunday. Sunday I will not be able to see the race,it may be the hardest job I will ever do. I might have to take a break or 2 or 3. Its a fund Raiser For a Impact Int. Church Youth Ministry . I see you will be in Nebraska on the 24th ,will that be the end of your tour?
You guys are a blessing and gals too.