Monday, March 12, 2007

The Joys of San Francisco

I have always had a disliking for seagulls and now I have a very good reason to be. Today was our first day off for a long while and so we spent it in lovely San Francisco. We took a 1/2 hour ferry ride and enjoyed having the refreshing sea breeze on our faces...until the wind blew my glasses off and they broke...:-/ Oh dear... After spending some time at Pier 39 we walked over and watched the sealions for a spell. And it was here that this infuriating disaster occured. I was leaning over the rail peacefully watching the sealions swim around and make their dreadful noise when suddenly I felt something wet and warm land on the top of my head. At first I thought it was a drop of water but then when I saw the stinky seagull above me, I realised it was something else. Luke and Julie lost it collapsing with laughter while I helplessly stood there with birdy stuff all in my hair. UNbelieveable. I then ranted for the next 20 minutes about the stupidness of seagulls and how much I disliked them etc etc. Ach, the joys of life!!

So apart from this terrible ordeal, we all had quite a lovely time in San Francisco. We went to Chinatown, had tapioca times!

Tomorrow we will be going to Bakersfield and then Wednesday will be in Los Vegas. It's hard to believe that there is only 18 days left of this tour. I can't believe how fast these weeks have gone by. Soon we'll back back in Willmar for Spring Break and I'll be seeing my parents from Aussie land...hi mums and dad!

Thanks for your prayers dear friends.

-Ruthie :-)


Rick C. said...

Sooooo Sorry to here about those Evil seagulls . I think they should be outlawed . Or made to ware little birdy diapers or something. Maybe we should invent a game and call it Seagull Hunting instead of Snipe Hunting. We could bag them and knock them in the head until they are unconcious and then send them some where else. I can't believe that those Evil seagulls would attack poor little Ruthie . I wonder if Julie from Calif. had something to do with this . Maybe she trained them to attack short people with Austrailian accents. I think we better look into this;-).Please keep me posted. Thanks

Tyler Robertson said...

Nah, I doubt Julie'd train seagulls to do that sort of thing. Squirrels or aquatic wildlife, maybe, but not seagulls. :P

Anyway (And I'm sure you guys have heard this a bajillion times since Sunday) you guys ROCKED at Woodland Bible! Thanks for giving Casey the day off. :P

I'm definitely signing up for a summer team. Now it's just deciding whether to sign up for this year or next... maybe both. :P

Ruth said...

RICK! Are you saying I'm short?!?!?!

Rick C. said...

Well I uh well mmmm oohh hmmmm kinda maybe well you know uuuuhhhhhh you mmmmm uuuuuhhh I think cause well, YES . Sorry to be the first to tell ya. I told Paul that I would not mention it , but it slipped out . I am soooo sorry to burst your bubble. I don't know how that seagull got past Paul who stand 6'7" tall and Nathan who is 6'9" and drops a load on Ruthie at 4' 7and 3/4" TALL . On a side note any of you want to come back here sometime let me know . The Drag Races are in May the weekend of the 18th -20th .We would love to have ya come back for a visit sometime. All my family says Howdy.