Thursday, September 18, 2008

From Pella to Damascus

Hello everyone, I want to tell you a bit about 14:21's week

On Tuesday, we played a morning chapel at Pella Christian High, then spent the remainder of the day in the school's common area interacting with the students. I talked to a number of students and many were enthusiastic about music and missions- over 18 auditioned to be on a CTI team !!! It was great to be in the familiar atmosphere of a God-centered school- I felt close to the students, because I was once in their shoes. Being at school made me realize how much I miss my wise teachers/ mentors. Especially you Mr Orr!
Thanks again Pella High School and host families for a great experience!

Tonight and Wednesday night, we had the privilege of ministering at Church of the Damascus Road, a church inside two correctional facilities. I think the entire team would agree that we did not minister to them, but they ministered to us. Listening to the prayers of broken men have the ability to re-break one's heart for God.

The team has been learning about God's grace...
Nothing we can do can make God love us less.
Nothing we can do can make God love us more.
God loves us because He wants to.

I pray we can accurately share God's grace to those we encounter, and continue to give each other grace day to day as we learn and grow.

Thanks for reading! Be Blessed!

- Micaela


Tiarra said...

Thank you for the reminder of God's grace, and that we need to have grace on others too! I am praying for your and your whole team that God continues to reveal Himself, and amazing things take place in your life and the lives of those you minister to.

Mom said...

You are amazing Micaela, as much as I miss you I'm reminded of the fact that you my daughter are the daughter of the Most High and He indeed has given me the peace that you are right in the center of His will. For that reason alone He is going to use you and your team to touch many lifes and in the process you will be truly blessed!!!