Monday, January 07, 2008

Aug-December Video Summary

Here's just a brief 6 minute video that I made as sort of a wrapped up update for all of you about our year so far. I hope you enjoy!



Anonymous said...

Beautiful Jessie -
thanks for putting this together to give us a snapshot of your ministry thus far. Keep up the good work! I'm praying for each one of you.


mr. tricorder said...

Hey, how come Niagara Falls didn't make the video? You DO remember the part of tour when you came to Canada, right?

Thanks for the cool video, Potato Sack. :)

Ruth said...

This video has definetly made me want to to CTI again, without a doubt. Thanks for the beautiful video Jesse! You guys are doing an amazing job.

carmen said...

hey yo brothers & sisters, memories indeed as i see this video. forgot to share a thanksgiving with you guys. One Republic Poly girl who went for CTI Garage Concert-Sandy. She was invited by Amos to the concert. (Brad, you were at our table..haa. if you remember )

I followed up with her and guess what, she decided to rededicate her life back to Christ before Christmas 07! We give praise for a renewed life... hope u guys will be encouraged by this piece of gd news :)

Missing you guys,
Carmen (SYFC)