Wednesday, January 23, 2008

From the midwest...

Wow - a lot of ministry has happened since our last post, so here are some pictures and more updates!

Here is a shot of the ladies' group that gave us the quilts! We had such a great time with them.

In Iowa, we ministered alongside Pastor Bruce, doing the events that Shawn mentioned in his last post. We also got to stay with Bob Eggen, and the best part is that we will be in Prairie du Chien at the end of the tour - so we'll get to see them again!

After leaving Iowa, we headed down and spent a day with Matt Duncan's (team 14:22) family. It was a blast hearing stories of when team 14:22 was there. Thanks, Duncan family! When we left, we headed to St. Louis, and took some time to see the Gateway Arch.

After the Arch, we joined Kim Tsui and Eric Hong (both CTI alumni) at St. Louis Chinese Gospel Church. We had an outreach concert at their church, and then led worship the next day during their English service. It was awesome ministering with them. On Monday, we had some time and got to visit the St. Louis Zoo with Kim and Eric. Thanks for a great time, guys!

More to come later...


Ethan said...

Brad and Renee,
Thanks for the postcard! The boys enjoyed hearing from you and looking at the monkey! We miss you too much. I was watching the video posted below and started crying! We are so excited for you guys but we miss you! Can't wait till February! Much love,
Ethan, Gail, Seth & Ian

Laura Schuh said...

Yay! I love the pictures. It sounds like you're having tons of great times. Can't wait to see you guys again!