Monday, January 14, 2008

Coffee, Quilts, and Church

Its been a while since i have posted a blog but God has been teaching me a lot about myself these days so i would like to share what has been happening these days, we started a new tour about a week and a half ago and we started in Iowa, the love that we were shown in that small town was amazing, we played in two church services and spent time with the people of the church at a potluck the next day was at a public school, it was a lot of fun with those kids, then the next day was a retirement home, the folks there really enjoyed us coming and playing, the day before we left we visited a ladies quilting group and as a gift we were all given a quilt, those ladies were amazing
our next stop was at a chinese church its been a lot of fun hanging out playing shows and just enjoying each others company and seeing God at work in all of us,
oh and there have also been many times with coffee

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Tiffany said...

oh! Farmersburg! Good times... They really are so giving there. And you guys more great things to come on this tour (and the rest of this year)! (This is Tiffany from 14:22 last year) Please tell Cope hi for me when you get to Navarre. Blessings on y'all! Thanks for the update! Keep pressing forward and serving the Lord.