Thursday, November 13, 2008

howdy y'all this is how's it going? we're doing good getting into the swing of things here in the state and it's going well. we've been in Iowa and Illinois and Indiana and Michigan ,yep all the I states (we'll work backwards to the G state no worries), we have had some great opportunities to play in Christian schools and churches, and as displayed in the picture to the left, this place called Mel Trotter ministries. Mel Trotter was amazing, we played for a group of at risk women and some children. So, as it turns out I am really bad at this "blogging" thing, but I hope I've hit some of the highlights. I want to say hey to all my host home families in Willmar and across the states, well from Iowa to Michigan anywho. not to mention a shout out to my family and friends back home... okbye.


Kara said...

Ok, so you're not so bad at blogging. We love hearing whatever you guys have to say about the tour. Have fun in Canada! :)

Carrie said...

that's where you met my parents!!! :) praying for you guys... keep up the good work! hugs to everyone!!

Jessica and/or Josh AKA "The Bosses" said...

Hey, bro; mom and I just want to tell you "Rock, Rock On!"
- Josh

P.S.: Mom says "Great to see your point of view on things. Things are going well at home; Josh is healing nicely; can't wait to see you at Christmas."

Jessica and/or Josh AKA "The Bosses" said...

Mom wants to let you know that everything at home is going great and we're looking forward to seeing you at Christmas. And I want to let you know that I'm healing wonderfully and Rock, Rock on!

P.S.: Mom wants to tell you that she hopes you stay warm and she knows you're doing great work.

Anonymous said...

I left you a blog but I must not know how to leave a blog - another try. Remember you are loved and wait to see and hug you.

You are one of my Thanksgiving blessings. Muvie