Friday, November 28, 2008

Taco's Taiwan Video


Anonymous said...

WOW!!! That was totaly worth the wait. It was amazing to see a portion of what you experienced. I know the seeds you planted and the relationship you cultivated are going to reap a harvest. Aaron, you are not a "city guy" how did you manage with all those people? I can't wait to see more from you Taco, you have a gift, I am sure God will use it greatly in the future.

Jeff Goins said...

awesome awesome. taiwanese school girls are crazy, no? brought back some great memories. thanks for sharing. nice use of a Better Days Ahead song, as well. Love those guys. Looking forward to meeting you all.

Mmm... dumplings.

Cher said...

Hi guys,
I'm "Miss Donut" in Taiwan! remember?(maybe Taco did!)
It's so funny in the end!
Is that Ken?
I saw myself in this video!
It's a big big big surpris for me!

Anonymous said...

haha, hey cher its taco! of course, i had to put "miss donut" in there

Amy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

Hey, TaCo!!!!! Now you can't say that I never looked at your website. You are an absolutely lovely human duck. Although I appreciate you spreading God's awesomeness to the world, I think that you should spread more of the awesomeness to Katrina and me: i.e. visit and hang out with us more. ^_^

P.S. MANA MANA doot doo doo doo doo

Anonymous said...

TACO!! It's the TN folk watchin' you share the love of Christ around the world. Awesome! I see Mimi in you! I see Papa Jones (?) in you! And I even saw a glimpse of Lindsey! Olivia and I searched for your mismatched socks and finally saw them on this video so now we know it is really you. Hard to tell with that doo on your head! Great job! Lisa

Anonymous said...

Hey, Taco! It's Olivia,your TN cousin. I hope that we can come and see you in Winston-Salem! If we do come, I'll wear different colored socks for you! How about red and blue,is that okay? That snowball fight that you were in was AWESOME!!!!! I hope you are having a good time! :) Spicechick sounds good!
Lots of Christian Love, Olivia