Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Arrrrg! Here we go!

New post in:
We are about to embark on our three month adventure of Winter Tour, leaving behind everything we've ever known at the wonderful ministry here in Willmar and are going to travel to foreign states (to some of us) to see the lands and seas of Nebraska, Colorado, California, and Arizona, to name a few. We will probably burst with excitement as we leave early tomorrow morning and we won't be back until March! With the wonderful game "Stormy Seas" (as you can see in the picture with Carrie) we were given in Wisconsin, and with our pirate navigator Steve and his sword, we will sail our van across the country with great success. Thank you so much for all of your prayers and support--hopefully we'll see you soon, otherwise know that you're in our prayers as we travel.
See you on the other side. .if we make it that far. Avast! Here we go!


Laura said...

I'm praying for you 1421! May God bless your travels and speak through your team. He is going to do a mighty work through all of you. :) PS: Can't wait to meet all of you in May! Rich has said wonderful things about all of you.

Laura Schuh said...

Probably my favorite update. Ever.

Charline said...

see you in North Platte Ne sat God keep you all safe and warm

Natalie Slagter said...

haha...oh Nicola, I miss thee! Hope you guys are having a good time!