Friday, January 22, 2010

Bear Lake Escapades!

Hello again!

-For the past week we have been dashing around the great and beautiful state of Colorado spreading the GREAT NEWS of Christ to everyone we meet. This has taken us to Denver Lutheran High School in, surprise surprise, Denver, and also to Englewood Federal Pen. in Englewood, Colorado. Through all of this God has continued to show us Himself and also teach us how to show Him to others. This has been done through us in the prison where God really showed himself to be a God of Wonders through the inmates there at the prison. They were such blessings to us by their stories of redemption and their thankfulness and responsiveness to us and the message we brought. Another blessing to us were the days off that we have. Jim, being the native Coloradan he is, knew a very beautiful lake/hike that we could go to that was somewhat between Denver where we were, and Wellington, where we had to be. So Jim took us up there and we all enjoyed a day of being together as a team outside of the show setting. It was absolutely beautiful! God really blessed us with a day of lovely sunshine and great weather. It was an awesome place to relax and refocus after going nonstop since the beginning of our tour. Currently we are enjoying the last day of our two days off and look forward to what God has in store next! Keep us in your prayers as in theis next week we traverse the Rockies to Grand Junction then onto Las Vegas!

Solo Deo Gloria,

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