Monday, September 18, 2006

Did we really just see that?

A twister...a real life twister. Yup, we sure did. Now for me it was nothing too out of the ordinary (being that I live right in the middle of Tornado Alley) but for many members of my team is quite the new experience. So here's the scene:

We're driving up I-29 just north of Sioux Falls, SD and there to our left appears a pretty unique cloud formation known as a funnel cloud. At this point, I looked away from the formation, having seen them before and realizng that it was some distance away. But, I soon heard from my teammates that it definitely touched the ground and threw up quite a cloud of debris. Needless to say, it was quite exciting.

Parents and family, there is no need to worry. The storm was nowhere near our van and we made it safely to the church shortly after that and were prepared to take shelter if need be.
It was a great highlight to our first weekend on the road.

Thanks to all those who came out to our workshop on Saturday and the worship service on Sunday. They were both great experiences.


Rick C. said...

Howdy Just checking this out. Sounds like an exciting start. Looking forward to your Visit to Va. I hope it will be an exciting one too.

Anonymous said...

There's never a camera around when you need it! Thanks to God for keeping you all safe. Much love to the entire team. Paul's Mom

bassman76 said...

Good to hear that God is blessing your team. I keep you all in my prayers everday. Paul, you're the man and I have a funny story for you, I'll call you later this week when I'm sane again. Luke, keep up the good work buddy. To the rest of you, I don't know you that well, but God's blessings on all of you, and even when times get rough, trust in God (and don't talk back to Paul on the last morning of an overseas trip :) ) Enjoy your fall tour!

Dale-Fulltime 05-06 bassist

Anonymous said...

hey paul, are you the only driver on your team? prayin' for you buddy, how was your trip home?

luke, michigan misses you. especially since i was in grand rapids last night...

walker, did you ever get enrique back?

praying for you all as you set out on tour... say hi to rick call for me in VA!

abby gross

heidi marie said...


have an amazing tour Paulito!


sara said...

hi, this is sara, went to honduras w/ nathan last summer. no stops in northern va? i totally missed the boat when last year's fulltime team was in the dc area during the fall - do let us (and by us, i guess i mean myself) know if you pass through dc/nova. rock on! praying for continued traveling mercies and such.

Jeff Goins said...

Hey guys,
Just checked out your schedule, and I'm excited to see that you're playing at a lot of our venues from last year. Have fun at Emory and Henry. That campus is really beautiful, especially around this time of year.