Thursday, September 07, 2006

In America with!

G'day all! Wow, what a busy but wonderful time we are having...right now we are in the middle of training and yes, they sure are keeping us busy and out of mischief :) If you've read Christian's post from team 14:22 you'll see that he mentioned they have their first booking this weekend. Our team also has its first booking this weekend at a church here in Willmar so we'd really appreciate your prayers as we prepare for that. Yes, there definetly are nerves there.

I hope you all enjoy reading our blogs and seeing what we're doing and what God is doing in and through us! It's tops having you on the journey with us :)

The Aussie,


Pole said...

How interesting. Sounds like fun.

God Bless,

Becksie said...

Hey darl :) Glad all is going well...looking forward to hearing how the first gig goes!

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to seeing you in the greatest state in the U.S.A.-- Colorado!
I'm prayin' for ya!
Love ya heaps!