Saturday, September 02, 2006


Welcome to CTI 14:21's one and only official blog! Members of the team will be posting their thoughts on their CTI experience here periodically.

And YOU, dear viewing public, are invited to respond! You can't post directly, but you can all comment on existing posts! Your comments are subject to moderation (that means I have to approve them before they go live) so keep them family friendly, OK?

Be sure to check out the team's bios, pictures and other posts on just click the "CTI Music Ministries" link to the right. Their tour schedule can be found there as well.

Happy commenting!
-Chris Reed
CTI Program Director / Blog moderator


Jeff Goins said...

Hey guys! 14:21 is pretty much my favorite number. A shot-out to Pauly, Nate, and Luke. Welcome to the good side! Can't wait to meet the rest of the team, maybe on winter tour. You're in my prayers.

Ernest Lam said...

Praise the Lord! (bwana safweeweh)
I am so stoked for the fulltimers. new school is cool, cant wait for the tour to fire off! paul, whats happenin big guy. hope things are doing well, I miss you. take care. :)

Ill keep you guys in my prayers. may God continue to characterize your walk and faith. have a good one guys.

mr. chris reed, keep up the good work. :D


Roy said...

have a good tour! shout out to paul!

tyler said...

Hey guys i love ya all. I'll be praying for ya as you continue your training and start touring.