Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Training Continues

Wow.. I can't believe that tomorrow we'll have been here for 4 weeks!! Training has been going really well. I am getting so excited for this upcoming year. We led our first worship service last Sunday and it was so much fun. It was exciting to get rid of music sheets and just enjoy playing music together with the focus on God. I feel nervous and excited as I think about touring. I love my team though and I am excited to continue to get to know them better. Wow and I just realized that said the word excited a lot in this blog so far :) But I really am so yeah... keep checking back for updates from the teams. This year is going to be awesome!

~ Julie

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Petie said...

so, i totally knew this was your blog when i saw the very first word "wow". i think it's funny that i knew so quickly....actually it doesn't really suprise me since we are bestfriends. anyway, i miss u and luv u! Have a great week!:)