Saturday, September 30, 2006

Fun and Games

G'day people! Yes, well we are all having a blast here and as Paulie said we went through 4 states on Thursday. It was pretty exciting for me as an Aussie to go through Chicago :) These last 2 days we've been in Michigan in Luke's home town. We had such a fun time playing at his church last night and meeting his family and friends. Today we are on our way to Ohio!

The weather is SO cold...I reckon it's gonna snow, but my teammates are telling me that it won't happen for another month yet...:( I reckon if it has to be this cold it may as well snow but apparently it has to be a LOT colder before it snow...oh dear...

Oh now, before I forget, on Monday night the guys on our team took Julie and me snipe hunting...we'd never been before you see. It!!!! I nearly caught one....;) Well, now we want to take team 14:22 snipe hunting...maybe we'll do that during winter partnership hey guys?!

Thanks so much for all your prayers and support. Tour is going amazingly well and God has been so good and faithful. We are all getting closer as a team and love spending time together. God is amazing and it's awesome having you all on this journey with us!


Sharon said...

You almost caught a snipe on your first time out!?! Impressive...

Aussie Mum said...

Um, what is snipe hunting?

Rick C. said...

Oh Yes
Snipe hunting is a great sport. We have seen some here in the mtns. of Virginia . The most important thing to hunting Snipe is to be patient . I have found that using a large bag,like a 50lb. grass seed bag ,works the best. Because the Snipe has a large beak for such a small kritter the bigger the bag the better. If you have never been Snipe hunting you really should try it. When you catch one you will want to do it again and again.

Anonymous said...

hey Aussie gal :)
Glad everything is going well...thanks for the email update! Bit concerned about the skateboards ;)
Hope the cold has disappeared & you're singing strong again.

Love you,

Carolyn from the Land Down Under said...

Aussie sister: Hey sis! I'm guessing a snipe is a bird?? Glad to hear you're having fun. It's been pretty cold in Montana, too. It was sooo windy the other night!!
Bye for now :-)

Anonymous said...

Snipe hunting? Sounds fun, but personally I prefer the good old bunny bash. :) I love my shooting!! Just exactly how big a bird are we talking btw? And, I take it that they're flightless birds?

God bless,